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Old 07-16-2009, 09:32 PM
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Default How to start a Thread.

Just go to a relevant forum and click on it and then when it opens at the top of the list of available threads you should see this click on that, put in your Title, then your info or question. If you have pictures you want to add you can either use this if you have a URL for the image from the photo gallery or another website. (You can find the URL of a image by right clicking the image, select properties and then copy the Address URL Information and then pasting it in the window that opens by clicking the )

(If the image is on your computer you can click on Manage Attachments and then when the window opens click on browse, find the picture you want to upload, double click it and when the address is in the address window click Upload.)

and when you're done click submit reply. If this doesn't work let me or a Moderator know and we'll try to figure out why.

Good luck and feel free to post anything that you think others may find interesting. I for one have many other interest besides just trucks so It doesn't always have to always be Venza related.
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